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TOI is built through the philanthropy and hard work of our community of passionate change makers who believe that the future is female. They say it takes a village to raise a child– this is the case for the next generation of female innovators.

With the help of your donation, we are increasing female participation in STEM. Together, we are forging new pathways for young women into industry, supported by cutting edge educational opportunities and powerful networks of female mentors and advocates.

TOI is also working hard to provide greater equity and access for young women in underserved communities. Your donation will help us deliver TOI’s comprehemsive six month program for a greater number of students and teachers, including increaseing the number of fully funded scholarships avialable to Aboriginal students, those in regional / rural areas, and students from low socio-economic communities.

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  • Please note, TOI is an ACNC registered charity. We do not currently hold DGR status. Therefore, donations made to TOI are not tax deductible.

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