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TEDx Sydney Technology Demo

In July 2018, the Orbispace Initiative was invited to showcase it's first public demo at TEDx Sydney as members of the Technology and Innovation Tribe. In partnership with Humense, we demonstrated the possibilities of volumetric video capturing (the human body represented in virtual reality, so detailed you can see the whites of the eyes or the hairs on the skin!). Our founder, Anna-Grace, gave users a virtual TEDx talk inside the Orbispace explaining the opportunity for immersive technology to disrupt the charitable sector, and support philanthropy and giving. User testing is such an important part of building a product and understanding the impact of your message. The TEDx audience was comprised of five thousand willing participants, so our headsets certainly got a workout! We captured a lot of valuable insights on the day and the best part included getting to see people’s genuine reactions - excitement, awe and anticipation!

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