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Our mission is to empower the next generation of Australian innovators and entrepreneurs by inspiring and equipping them with the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in a rapidly changing physical and digital landscape.

TOI is an Australian charity leveraging professional networks across the startup and STEM industries to address some of the sectors' greatest inequalities. With initiatives focused around key priority themes such as Gender, Geography and Sustainability, our programs help to grow a culture of critical thinking, inclusivity and diversity.

We build cyclical relationships between young people and innovation leaders to equip students with the skills, industry experiences and networks needed to disrupt negative trends.



The TOI program is aimed at…

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Innovative High Schools
interested in driving entrepreneurial skillsets amongst their students

Teachers to champion STEM 
and innovation learning outcomes in their schools 

Female high school students

showing promise as leaders, creative thinkers and critical problem solvers

Multi Ethnic Girls


We work in partnership with governments, corporates and entrepreneurs to provide school students with access to:

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Inviting our community into the Sydney Startup Hub– Australia’s largest startup ecosystem and government funded infrastructure housing leading incubators and accelerators



Networked events and partnerships facilitating engagement with global thought leaders, academics, corporate innovators, policy makers, founders, and CEOs

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Professional development, leadership coaching, business basics and hands on experiential learning opportunities in industry

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Scalable educational resources and online extension programs that enrich student engagement with the school STEM curriculum and provide additional learning experiences that go beyond the scope of traditional classroom opportunities

Margaret Hamilton stands next to a stack of program listings from the Apollo Guidance Computer in a photograph taken in 1969.

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Classmates in the Library


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We identify the most desirable skillsets for the future of work and for students to succeed as innovators



We map existing school curriculum learning objectives to these skillsets to reveal the biggest gaps

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We curate our own extension curriculum to address these gaps, including measurable objectives, benchmarking and assessment

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We develop live experiential learning activities to deliver new opportunities to students at school and in industry


Launching Now

We are currently onboarding our next cohort of 200 students from schools across NSW. To read more about this year's program or to request to participate, please click here:


Upcoming Events

  • Schools Pitch for the Planet
    End of school term four, 2021
    Sydney Startup Hub
    End of school term four, 2021
    Sydney Startup Hub, 11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    School startup teams collaborate through the TOI program to solve pressing environmental issues and develop sustainability products. Finalists present their pitch to Australian investors and innovation leaders, and compete for prizes at the Sydney Startup Hub.
  • Expert Panel Live Stream
    Start of school term three, 2021
    Online live streaming
    Start of school term three, 2021
    Online live streaming
    You ask, we answer! Live streaming expert panel discussions with some of the world's best innovators.
  • The Future of Female Leadership
    End of school term three, 2021
    Sydney Startup Hub
    End of school term three, 2021
    Sydney Startup Hub, 11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    A chance for young women to connect with Australia's leading female innovators!
  • Activity Library
    Tue, Apr 13
    On this website!
    Apr 13, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
    On this website!
    No matter what is going on in the world, students, parents and teachers everywhere can stay engaged with this magic digital resource.


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