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We're leveraging human networks across the startup and STEM spaces to provide the next generation of Australian innovators with the opportunity to address some of the sector’s greatest inequalities. With initiatives focused around key priority themes such as Gender, Geography and Sustainability, we provide school students with access to free educational resources, mentoring and experiential learning opportunities in industry. By building cyclical relationships between young people and innovation leaders we are helping to grow a culture of inclusivity and diversity within the startup and STEM sectors, while also equipping students with the skills and experiences needed to disrupt negative trends.



We work in partnership with schools, governments, universities and corporates to provide students with access to:

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Inviting our community into the Sydney Startup Hub– Australia’s largest startup ecosystem and government funded infrastructure housing leading incubators and accelerators



Networked events and partnerships facilitating engagement with global thought leaders, academics, corporate innovators, policy makers, founders, and CEOs

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Professional development, leadership coaching, business basics and hands on experiential learning opportunities in industry

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Scalable educational resources and extension programs that enrich student engagement with the school curriculum and provide additional learning experiences that go beyond the scope of traditional educational opportunities


This not-for-profit is about taking initiative. In a world where technology and innovation are rapidly changing physical and digital landscapes, we can’t afford to take a back seat. Following the journey of one young female startup founder who isn’t willing to accept the status quo, Anna Grace created The Orbispace Initiative as a vehicle for identifying and addressing technology sector inequalities, in real time. Building a diverse, inclusive and informed industry of innovators must be the mission of many. That’s why we are actively practising co-creation and drawing together communities from across the globe to engage in agile and scalable initiatives that help to better educate, upskill, inspire and connect.



Driving change through four simple steps!

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On her journey as a tech startup founder, Anna-Grace identifies issues and barriers that exist within the technology and startup sectors.



A priority theme is created to address the issue, and a problem statement is drafted.


A new initiative is developed with core objectives that will help to change industry standards and ways of operating or dispersing resources.

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Outcomes are recorded and tracked in annual reports and distributed digital content.

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Margaret Hamilton stands next to a stack of program listings from the Apollo Guidance Computer in a photograph taken in 1969.

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Upcoming Gender Initiatives
The Future of Female Leadership
Sydney Startup Hub

In Tanzania, only 5 percent of people have a bank account. In Kenya, there is one bank branch per 100,000 people. But the spread of mobile phones and the ability to SMS means that Masai farmers can now bank the money from the sale of their cows instead of carrying everything they own. Today, 5B people have mobile devices.



Upcoming Geography Initiatives
Expert Panel Live Stream
Sydney Startup Hub
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We are currently accumulating electronic waste at a rate of 50 million tonnes every year. There are estimated to be over 100 million additional used devices stored in the attics and drawers of homes across the world. Only 20% is officially reported as properly collected and recycled.

–Ethical Consumer


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