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Empowering the Next Generation of Female Innovators

Our mission is to train the next generation of Australian female innovators by equipping them with the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in a rapidly changing physical and digital landscape.

TOI is an Australian charity leveraging professional networks across the startup and STEM industries to address some of the sectors' greatest inequalities. With initiatives focused around key priority themes such as Gender, Geography and Sustainability, our programs help to grow a culture of critical thinking, inclusivity and diversity.


We build cyclical relationships between young women and innovation leaders to equip students and teacher champions with the mentorship, industry experiences, and networks, needed to disrupt negative trends. 

90%+ of TOI students report uplift in confidence, communication, and engagement with STEM learning (and subject selection).

The Future of Female Leadership Forum 2022
The Orbispace Initiative

The Future of Female Leadership Forum 2022

The highlight of Term 3 in our 2022 program was a day at the Sydney Startup Hub, home to the highest density startup space in the southern hemisphere, supported by the state government’s Investment NSW and housing our accelerator partner, Tank Stream Labs. This day encompassed hands-on experiences with industry experts, and a tour of the hub, where Tank Stream Labs showed students what the future of work looks like– podcasting studios, AR/VR green rooms, and breakout spaces for creativity and brainstorming. At the centre of the event was a speed networking lunch with female mentors, drawn from some of the most impressive business and STEM leaders in the country. Guest speakers, Jan Mason, CEO of Quest Payment Systems, and Kim Graham-Nye, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of gDiapers, also spoke on how sustainability is a focus for their businesses. Students built their confidence in communication and mindset coaching sessions with Julie Demsey. Technical workshops such as UX/UI with Ananda Vasudevan (Senior designer @ WooliesX), and business modelling with Audrey Gan (Engineer and Consultant @ Deloitte), helped introduce students to new technical skillsets and tools. Special thanks to Microsoft who sponsored these sessions, making laptops available for all of the student groups. We wrapped up the day with a fantastic maker space session with Alexandra Millward (Educator), building on design thinking and engineering skills.

ENROL 2024

Grade 8 Program Launching Now

We are accepting enrolments for our 2024 cohort. To read more about the program, or to request to participate, please click here:



The TOI program is aimed at…

Apartment Building
Test Tube

interested in extending both their students and teachers

Teacher champions
driving innovation in their school and supporting STEAM education

Female high school students
showing promise as leaders, creative thinkers and critical problem solvers

Multi Ethnic Girls


We work in partnership with governments, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, NGOs and educators, to provide school students with access to:

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Inviting our community into the Sydney Startup Hub– Australia’s largest startup ecosystem and government funded infrastructure housing leading incubators and accelerators



Networked events and partnerships facilitating engagement with hundreds of global thought leaders, academics, corporate innovators, policy makers, founders, and CEOs

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Professional development, leadership coaching, entrepreneurship and hands on experiential STEM learning opportunities in industry

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Scalable in-classroom educational resources and online extension programs that enrich student engagement with the school STEM curriculum and provide additional learning experiences that go beyond the scope of traditional classroom opportunities

Classmates in the Library


Women Holding Hands


We identify the most desirable skillsets for the future of work and for students to succeed as STEM innovators



We map existing school curriculum learning objectives to these skillsets to reveal the biggest gaps

Digital Work


We curate our own extension curriculum to address these gaps, including measurable objectives, benchmarking and assessment

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We develop live experiential learning activities to deliver new opportunities to students at school, and in industry

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TOI is delivered in partnership with Tank Stream Labs, a technology focused coworking ecosystem.
TSL are a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and specialised industry leaders. They are a dynamic community that supports innovation, collaboration, brilliance, excellence, and entrepreneurship. 
Every year, TSL welcome students to The Sydney Startup Hub for industry-led events and networking. They assist TOI in showcasing the future of work for the next generation of female talent. 
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