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The best way to scale a social impact startup is through education! As a passionate educator and design thinking advocate, Anna-Grace has worked closely with the University of Technology Sydney to support their Business and Innovation students as a guest lecturer and private sector partner. Students were given the opportunity to study Orbispace's business model for giving (and the combine operations of both the for profit and not for profit arms of the company) as a use case example for their business model hacking session. There’s promise for Australia’s future tech geniuses when awesome experiential learning sessions are built into their tertiary education! Here is what Anna-Grace had to say: 

"Loved presenting at #UTStoday where the #students doing their #Bachelor of #Technology and #Innovation studied #Orbispace as a use case for their #business model hacking session. It’s so #cool to think that this type of experiential #learning is built into tertiary #education now... if you can #hack a great #business model in first year #uni you’re sure to grow into an #awesome #super human! Thanks for having me." - Instagram 


"So good to visit the students at UTS in their fourth year of a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation. Such a great and diverse panel of speakers sharing insight into their 'pivoting' experiences. If you don't know what a #pivot is, it's a shift in #business strategy to test a new solution or direction and usually comes from the insight of #experience - you need to try and fail to find what #markets really 'need'! Best part of the session was hearing about all the #student #projects in the mentoring sessions, from environmentally #friendly female sanitary pads to new #shipping applications for #onlineshopping! Thanks to Leila their awesome teacher - how #lucky are these #students to be starting their journey of #entrepreneurship so young!" - Instagram


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